Sit-on-top kayak: big, comfortable, stable, and fast.  you sit on top of the kayaks, as opposed to inside. They are the most popular style of kayak for our trips.     Why use a Sit-On-Top?

– Sit-in kayak (2): You guessed it! You sit inside. But our sit inside kayaks are 12′ long with large 48′ cockpits for easy entry and exit.

– Swift water kayaks: These kayaks are more maneuverable in moving waters and provide necessary stability.

– Paddles and PFDs: We provide high-end, comfortable gear. Our paddles are made of lightweight aluminum; forget about bulky plastic paddles. PFDs are universal, so wearing those orange choker vests are not used here.


What You Provide:
Non-cotton clothing is best (cotton holds water).  Layer up in the cooler seasons, but mostly be comfortable.  In the summer, swim attire is best as you may want to swim.

Footwear, however, is most important. NO FLIP-FLOPS should be worn. Some type of strapped sandal, OLD tennis shoes, or river shoes are recommended.

Finally, bring water! Dehydration can ruin your day, so keep drinking.  A light snack like an apple or trail bar is also good to have along.

A camera or cell phone can also be taken to  share your memories with others.  We can provide a dry box for your phone or camera.

*Need a Lunch? Upon request we can pack a lunch for our traveling guests.
We can provide a boxed lunch for $9.50 per person…you need some fortification on your excursion, after all! Our boxed lunch comes with a small cooler, a re-freezable ice pack, and includes the following grub:
– turkey & cheese on wheat
– lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise
– bag of chips or pretzels
– a cup of applesauce or fruit
– (1) 20 oz. water
– (1) 16 oz. Gatorade