Yellowwood State Forest

Crooked Creek Lake
CCL is a relatively small forest lake with a fine population of bass, bluegill, redear, and channel catfish. It is also a relatively remote place to paddle. Rarely will you see another boat on the lake. Most High Adventure Outfitters has canoes and kayaks for drop off to Crooked Creek Lake.

Yellowwood Lake
Yellowwood Lake is 133 acres, and has exceptional fishing for bass, bluegill, redear, crappie, and catfish. A very nice campground is located along the lake shore as well. Pathfinder Outfitters delivers canoes and kayaks to Yellowwood Lake.
Hoosier National Forest
Salt Creek and Lake Monroe Backwaters
The very best paddling in Brown County is on Salt Creek upstream of Lake Monroe and on the Lake Monroe backwater. Most High Adventure Outfitters provides special easy to paddle canoes and kayaks for this area, designed to allow the paddlers to covers lot of water. Extremely stable fishing canoes are also available.
You will be treated to an abundance of wildlife, fantastic scenery, paddling and hiking through the Deam Wilderness of Hoosier National Forest, and see very few other people. Quality primitive camping along the lake shore is also an option with a trip to this area. This is MHAO’s premier Brown County wilderness experience and a must do for any adventurous traveler to Brown County.

Salt Creek

The North Fork of Salt Creek winds between Monroe and Brown Counties and through Yellowwood State Forest, Morgan Monroe State Forest, Hoosier National Forest and the North Fork Waterfowl Resting Area. This trip features outstanding fishing, nesting bald eagles and wildlife photography on a relaxing voyage. Trips from 3.5 to 5 hours. This is the most convenient trip to Brown County State Park and Bloomington.

Trip Summary
ratings are based on a scale of 1 to 4

Challenge Level: 1
Duration: 3.5 – 5 hours
Wilderness Experience: 1
Water Speed: 1
Age Suitability: Any age (preschool – senior)

Lake Monroe Backwaters
Between Brown County State Park in Nashville, Indiana and the Monroe County line at Kent Road Landing is the Upper North Fork of Salt Creek. This trip is only possible in the early season, as past the first of July it is too low to navigate.
The upper reaches are relatively swift from Nashville to Dubois Ridge Bridge in Yellowwood State Forest. There are two major log jams to portage on this stretch. Fron Dubois Ridge Bridge downstream the creek meanders through bottomland picking up Jackson Creek discharging from the Yellowwood Lake and Schooner Creek, before going through Belmont and on to the North Fork Waterfowl Resting Area, and into Lake Monroe.
Due to the seasonality of the wter flows this trip can only be done April through mid-June and by appointment only.
Trip Summary
Ratings are based on a scale of 1 to 4
Challenge Level: 3 Log Jams
Duration: 2.5 to 5 hours
Wilderness Experience: 3
Water Speed: 1-3 mph
Age Suitability: 9 and up