Lake Monroe and Salt Creek Excursions

Lake Monroe Paddling

There are three major areas of Lake Monroe that are idle speed only and provide fantastic canoeing and kayaking.Pine Grove, Moore’s Creek, and Allen’s Creek. All provide calm waters (no power boat wake), great fishing, picnicking and, best of all, great swimming on rocky shorelines in clean water of Moore’s Creek and Allen’s Creek.

Moore’s Creek/Cartop

The Moore’s Creek area of Lake Monroe is a water playground for kayaking, swimming, picnicking, fishing, and relaxing. We call this our “chillin” trip. On a hot summer day, or night, nothing beats kayaking and swimming in the Moore’s Creek area. There is a bald eagle’s nest nearby, and in the summer the catfish are easy to catch.

Moore’s Creek is especially close to Bloomington. Kayaks are best for this trip, and there is, also, a picnic area at the parking lot. This is a family favorite summer fun trip!

Allen’s Creek

The Allen’s Creek area of Lake Monroe, also referenced as “Party Cove” is nestled along Hoosier Nation Forest well known peninsula famous for its sandy shoreline often utilized by day hikers to rest on the lake shore taking advantage of Lake Monroe’s beautiful breathtaking views to relax and swim.