A great Hoosier Wilderness experience is canoe or kayak camping! Pathfinder Outfitters offers 6 different lake and river multi-day options.

Drop Camps

Drop camps are where Pathfinder Outfitters take you and your camping gear out by motor boat, all terrain vehicle, or horseback and drop you off. Then we return on a specified day to pick you back up and bring you and your gear out.

Supported Trips

Supported trips are multi-day trips where Pathfinder Outfitters supports your adventure and group needs by providing a guide/camp steward who goes ahead of your group to;

  • Establish a camp and gather some initial firewood
  • Get dinner started
  • Help paddlers and campers set up tents
  • Help gather more firewood if needed
  • Get morning breakfast started
  • Help break down camp
  • Can also include providing drinking water, cold drinks, firewood, and propane

Upper Patoka Lake/Patoka River Multi-Day Kayak Camping Adventures




Little Blue River Multi-Day Kayak Camping Adventures


West Fork White River Multi-Day Kayak Camping Adventures


Lake Monroe Multi-Day Kayak Camping Adventures


Sugar Creek/Driftwood Multi-Day Kayak Camping Adventures